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What We Do

Kolrom is a full service multimedia production company specializing in video production and animation.  We are constantly exploring new and exciting ways to leverage cutting-edge media in order to give our clients the most effective tools of communication.

  • Promotional Films

  • Documentaries

  • Dinner Videos

  • Educational Videos

  • 3D Animation

  • 2D Cartooning

  • Aerial Drone Footage

  • Broadcast Commercials

  • Tribute Films

  • Motion Capture

  • Motion Comics

  • Feature Length Films

Promotional Films

Educational Videos

Aerial Drone Footage

Motion Capture


3D Animation

Broadcast Commercials

Motion Comics

Dinner Videos

2D Cartooning

Tribute Films

Feature Length Films

Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Motion Capture

Our in-house motion capture studio is one of a kind in the area. In conjunction with our talented animators, it allows us to deliver realistic animation with a fast turnaround. Check out the motion capture behind-the-scenes clip from our feature length animated film where we discuss bringing together many of our capabilities for one grand production.

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